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What's New
  • Numeracy Concept Deep Dive: Additive and Multiplicative Thinking K-5
  • Design Incubator
  • HeartMath Workshop
  • Innovators are ...
  • Mental Health First Aid for Adults who Interact with Youth- 2 Day Workshop
  • Mindset in High School Mathematics and Numeracy 9-12
  • Mindset in K-8 Mathematics and Numeracy
  • MindUP - Universal Social Emotional Training
  • Numeracy Across the Curriculum Grade 5-9
  • Numeracy Across the Curriculum in High School
  • Numeracy Across the Curriculum K-4
  • Numeracy Concept Deep Dive: Patterns 4-8
  • Numeracy Concept Deep Dive: Spatial Reasoning K-8
  • Numeracy Concept Deep Dive: Whole Part Relationships K-4
  • Numeracy Concept Deep Dive: Whole-Part Relationships 5-8
  • Numeracy Leads Professional Learning Community K-8
  • Numeracy Manipulatives and Representations Grade 7-9
  • Numeracy Outcomes Based Design and Balanced Assessment K-9
  • Numeracy Outcomes Based Design and Balanced Assessment K-9
  • Numeracy Outcomes Based Design and Balanced Assessment K-9
  • Numeracy Reasoning and Rich Tasks in Grade 4-8
  • Numeracy: Concept Deep Dive Place Value and Magnitude
  • Numeracy: Fluency Strategies Grade 4-8
  • Numeracy: Fluency Strategies K-3
  • Numeracy: High School Thinking Classroom Cohort
  • Numeracy: Manipulatives and Representations in Grade 3-6
  • Numeracy: Manipulatives and Representations in K-2
  • Numeracy: Problem Solving in Grade 4-8
  • Numeracy: Problem Solving in K-3
  • Numeracy: Reasoning and Rich Tasks K-3
  • Wellness Wednesday - RVS Staff Wellness
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Communities of Practice are currently closed for registration 2017-08-31 - 2018-04-12
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Welcome to Rocky View Schools Professional Learning System

RVSPL will provide a comprehensive overview of all available professional learning through a PL Calendar and registration system for the jurisdiction. In addition, individuals will now be able to obtain personal history of completed training and course certificates.


For more specific information on RVSPL, please select one of the links provided along the top right hand side of this site.


Rocky View Schools is a learning organization dedicated to providing powerful and innovative learning experiences.  We wish you well on your professional journey.



The RVSPL system is now connected to the central directory and all RVS staff will need to login using their Rocky View username and password. (do not add to the end of your username)

Non-RVS staff will still login using their email address and the password that they created for this system. New users will be required to create an account on the system.

Once you are in the system, please go to My Settings to  update the information on your profile to reflect your current job title and location of employment (these are important as they will be printed on name tags and used for charging back costs to the correct schools for certain training).

There is a Help Manual available on the left hand side of the screen for logged in users and also under  "contacts" on the public screen.