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Registering for Communities of Practice

Registering intro.

Register into an existing Community (August 31st – October 2, 2016) You may change your CofP choices as often as you like. You can only be a part of one CofP at a time. If you want to change, go into your present CofP and click “Cancel Registration”. You can now go into another CofP and register there. See  for more registration information.

After October 2nd, 2016 CoP Registrations Require Approval 
Once registration is closed (October 2, 2016), the process to change a CofP is as follows:
  • Get approval of your Principal / Supervisor for the change
  • Go to your present CofP and click the “Cancel Registration” button. Register into the new CofP that you choose
  • An email will be sent to the CofP Development Team and an email will notify you of approval or decline to participate
New Hires (after October 2,, 2016)
  • If you are a new hire, ensure you have a Outlook email login before registering.  Select your CofP of choice. Register into the session
  • Email Scott Mahan – indicating what you have registered for and that you are a new hire
  • The "Development Team" will review the change and confirm approval for your participation